Startups and indie hackers use Loggram to monitor their systems


Loggram provides you an API and interface for managing logs in the cloud

We use Telegram messenger as our cloud storage provider. That is how it's possible to track and store all your systems' data securely, cross-platform and absolutely free

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Why Loggram is a perfect choice

We've built additional features over Telegram's infrastructure to provide you seamless experience.

Cross-platform logs access

Manage your logs from any of your devices using Telegram + Loggram. Get immediate error and crash alerts even on your Apple Watch!

Speed & security

Despite the fascinating API speed, using Loggram gives you top level security by using Telegram encryption algorithms. Oh, and we have 100% uptime.

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It will take you 5 minutes to research the API docs and 2 lines of code to set up Loggram.

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Give Loggram a try and you'll wonder how you lived without it!